Grow up. Stories of a new generation.



Mercedes-Benz is blazing a new trail in marketing communication with "Grow up." The most comprehensive content creation in the history of the brand was created for the five models in the compact car family. 

Between growing up and bourgeoisie.

The stories of a new generation will be told over a period until the end of the year through more than 100 moving image sequences and over 90 lifestyle and product images. Individuals who embody the attitude of the new compact cars with a tension between growing up and being cool and being bourgeois. One of the protagonists is the American rapper A$AP Rocky. The campaign began in March 2017. Those interested will find more detailed product information online at, together with flexible content extensions for individual markets, such as the integration of the special "WhiteArt Edition" model.



Increased modernity, progressivity and dynamism.

"Grow up" is much more than just a large model series campaign. It is a further leap forwards by the whole brand in the direction of increased modernity, progressivity and dynamism in the overall Mercedes-Benz brand image", says Dr. Jens Thiemer, Vice President Marketing Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars, about the aims of the campaign. With "Grow up.", we are re-interpreting traditional values and attitudes towards Mercedes-Benz, and showing their present-day interpretation by and relevance to generations X and Y. In the process, we are presenting, in conjunction with our agency antoni, an unconventional campaign which does not immediately feel like advertising, with its systematic digital orientation and its content mechanics."

A young, self-confident generation.

Five films form the heart of the campaign; they represent the five models in the compact car family and are available at They tell the stories of young people and the experience of growing up today with all its highs and lows. For example, the story of two friends who realise after a fight and months of not speaking to each other that true friendship is a treasure which also survives difficult times. The films, produced by the award-winning Swedish director Gustav Johansson, have a young, authentic style. R. No artificial light, no staged poses and vehicles integrated in a seemingly natural manner. The campaign surprises, describing the world of Mercedes-Benz in a way which enthuses a young, self-confident generation of "grown ups" for the brand.

The new faces of modern luxury.

The American rapper A$AP Rocky is a perfect example of this new generation of young grown-ups. The film for the CLA Coupé tells the previously-untold story of his rise from Harlem musician and fashion to the world stage. icon. "I have always experienced setbacks. It's just that could can't let it knock you down, you should always get up again. You need to reinvent your life until you succeed", A$AP Rocky describes his philosophy of life.

Other film protagonists include the actress Lucy Walters, the actress and producer Julia Morrison, the actress and director Anna Zahn, the actor John Rue, familiar from "House of Cards", and the photographer. The 25-year-old from France is also responsible for the images. Her passion for a new type of vintage aesthetic is a perfect fit with the message of the campaign. The campaign was launched at the start of March with a TV advertisement which piqued curiosity by showing a "Best of" the five stories.