Mercedes connect me



Mercedes connect me opens to door to an intelligently networked world in which your vehicle assists you and makes every journey more pleasant for you.

Imagine that your vehicle could contact our customer service in certain situations and transmit all the relevant data. Mercedes-Benz Service would initiate anything necessary to make driving easier for you and offer you concrete assistance without your having to lift a finger. 

And wouldn't it be convenient if you could call up key vehicle information yourself on your smart phone, tablet or PC, or control certain vehicle functions remotely – from the comfort of your sofa or on the way to your vehicle?

Sounds like a pipe dream?  It isn't! All this and much more is possible – with Mercedes connect me. 
The "secret" is a communication module that is built into the vehicle ex factory and which the vehicle can use to communicate thanks to its own SIM card. Drivers decide themselves which services are to be activated or deactivated – very conveniently using the Mercedes me portal.


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