Star Finance PCP

You said you’d drive a Mercedes-Benz one day.

One Day is Now with Star Finance PCP.

Upgrading from the ordinary to the extraordinary is now even easier with Star Finance PCP, available across the Mercedes-Benz range.

Our Personal Contract Plan (PCP) guarantees the minimum future value (GMFV) of your Mercedes-Benz model.

Star Finance is a flexible method of financing your vehicle, tailored to your needs, over a fixed term. Star Finance gives you the option to purchase, hand back or part-exchange your new Mercedes-Benz vehicle at the end of your agreement.

So how does Star Finance work?

Select your Mercedes-Benz model, pay your deposit or Trade-in – in 37 months either:

Trade in for a brand new Mercedes-Benz model. Acquire your Mercedes-Benz by paying the outstanding balance. Return your car and walk away (T&Cs apply)

Call to our showroom today and speak to one of our sales executives to discover just how easy it can be to upgrade to your new Mercedes-Benz.